illustrator - animator - artist - writer


Hello! As I am hopeless at waxing lyrical about me, here’s a list:


  • I am:
    • an artist
    • an illustrator
    • an animator
    • a writer
  • Since the end of the last century, I have lived in Portugal, living a Portuguese life, currently in city centre Lisbon. This involves much:
    • coffee
    • cheese
    • salt cod
    • speaking Portuguese
  • I grew up in North Devon, studied illustration in Cambridge (Anglia Ruskin as it is now) and lived and worked in London for most of the 90s.
  • digitally speaking, I use:
    • Corel Painter
    • After Effects
    • Illustrator
    • Photoshop (well, who doesn’t?)
    • InDesign
    • Anime Studio
  • analogically speaking, I use:
    • almost anything but
    • mostly indian ink and watercolours
  • I am the slightly less bearded half of Jürgen (I’ll explain that later, new site coming soon)
  • I write a weekly column on a newspaper in two languages, usually Portuguese and English
  • It is very unlikely that I would consider living anywhere other than Portugal
  • It’s probably the best country in the world. Mostly.
  • I like lists.



Ink, watercolour, and digital paint


Animation, motion graphics & extreme silliness



Now in its 3rd edition, this is a book all about Portuguese food a basic introduction for visitors.


by Lucy Pepper and Célia Pedroso, published by  Lua de Papel.

My weekly, illustrated column in Observador, written in Portuguese and English, in which I write about Portugal and everything else.



Disgusting recipes for kids, written and illustrated by me. Published by Guerra e Paz, 2006.


Sometimes I just paint for painting's sake.  Inks, watercolour, acrylics, digital paint.


Ask me stuff, I'll answer as soon as I can


everything © 2015 Lucy Pepper


twitter: @lucypepper

fb: /lucypepper.illustration/

g+: +LucyPepper


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