Twitter, twitter, twitter…

Once upon a time, twitter was a teensy widget where bloggers had jolly, silly conversations on the sidebar of our jolly, silly blogs. It was fun. 

That was in the first year of twitter. I hadn’t even started this account yet, as I was still an anonymous blogger and used one of my blog aliases.

Then some famous people got onto it, which meant that non-bloggers got wind of it and jumped in so they could shout at the famous people (or do that fandom thing) and 16 years later, here we are. To this day, as much as I love the man, I blame Stephen Fry for breaking twitter. 

Inevitably, twitter and facebook caused the demise of the blog culture, and that’s fine, because I was exhausted, and writing 140, then 280 characters required less effort.

Then twitter and facebook became vast cesspools, and that’s fine because…. well it’s not fine, but they will end one day, because everything ends. Can you imagine how depressing it would be to see someone using twitter in that Bladerunner sequel (I can’t tell you if there was someone in that film using twitter, though, because I fell asleep half an hour in). 

Humans haven’t evolved to have arguments in 280 characters. That’s why I’ve come back to my blog, to write slightly more coherent arguments about the world I see around me and get shouted at for my actual arguments and not for what some idiot perceives as my argument having read 280 characters. Really, I haven’t been shouted at on twitter for a few years, which is nice. I took a break of a couple of years a while back, and when I returned, I had been left behind. 

My point? I have no point. I just wanted to draw the twitter bird.

I do, though, suggest everyone gets their own blog again, those amongst us who like to communicate, partly because Elon might unplug twitter one of these days, just for kicks. 

2 thoughts on “Twitter, twitter, twitter…

  1. What’s a blod? Just looked at mine for the first time in two years, if I could remember how to log in and post I might join you in the cess-free pool. PS: I like your birdy – it reminds me of a night out I had in the Bairro Alto in my twenties…

    1. Wheeeeee! Penfold, welcome back to my comment box! The password for yours in a shoe box under the stairs. Probably.

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