Caricaturas Portuguesas (e outras) nos Anos do Turismo

In the 1970s, cartoonist, illustrator and artist, João Abel Manta, drew a series of cartoons called Caricaturas Portuguesas dos Anos do Salazar (Portuguese Caricatures from the Salazar Years). They were and are visceral, hilarious and scathing, about situations and society from 1926 until 1974, in the very defined style of Manta.

I’ve been struggling with what is happening to Portugal, mostly Lisbon and Porto, while tourism runs amok, but as much as I write about it, I just feel that cartoons express my feelings better. Tourism, marvellous, tourists, not all lovely, excesses excessive. etc.

So I’m drawing some cartoons, in slightly a Manta-esque manner, that mostly only Portuguese people over a certain age will recognise. But hey.

Meanwhile, in Avenidas Novas, life continues as usual
The Modern Pilgrimage

To be continued…