Occasionally, I still blog. 

Mixed Messaging

We’re staring at a huge environmental crisis, we are told every day by the media.  If we don’t reduce carbon emissions drastically, the

Anyone else?

Every time I see people proclaiming that there’s no such thing as cancel culture I feel like losing my shit quite loudly at

A note about The English

When you live in forrin, i.e. somewhere that is not the British Isles, and somebody inevitably notices that you are British when you

At the zoo

This is a note about the whole tourism thing.I’m in the middle of a (hopefully huge) set of cartoons (see the post before

where did the bata go?

If, in the very olden days, you ever read my blog, even just once, you’d know I was fixated on the bata, the

Twitter, twitter, twitter…

Once upon a time, twitter was a teensy widget where bloggers had jolly, silly conversations on the sidebar of our jolly, silly blogs.

Optimism? Pah!

Moments of optimism in a pessimist’s life are just exceptions for us to prove the rule that pessimism is the only way to

Cataloguing ugly shoes

About a hundred years ago, I had a blog, which I kept up until the Special Operation on the Blogosphere by the United