Although I am an illustrator by training and passion, I write, too.

I have written books. Three of them.

Eat Portugal, in 2011, which I wrote with my pal, Célia Pedroso… you can read all about that at, now in its 7th edition.

O Livro das Receitas Nojentas, which I wrote and illustrated in 2006 (lorks), full of disgusting recipes with which children might horrify their families, sadly now out of print.

Como Não Morrer de Fome em Portugal (How Not to Starve in Portugal) in 2016, a fictionalised memoir all about a fictionalised ME, published by Objectiva, an imprint of PRH Portugal.

I was part of the script team for Eurovision 2018 the year it took place in Lisbon. I am now a dedicated fan of Eurovision, because *IT CHANGES YOU*.

I’m currently writing another book NOT ABOUT PORTUGUESE FOOD and three film scripts (ok, the film scripts are all written in my head, but I WILL write them…).