Mixed Messaging

We’re staring at a huge environmental crisis, we are told every day by the media.  If we don’t reduce carbon emissions drastically, the world is going to be unliveable in a few decades, they tell us.  Micro plastics are now found in human blood, not just in turtles a long way away, so we must […]

Anyone else?

Every time I see people proclaiming that there’s no such thing as cancel culture I feel like losing my shit quite loudly at them. But I don’t. I self-censor, and then I retweet the cartoon below. I find myself self-censoring quite a lot these days, and end up being so anodyne that I bore even […]

no frills are the best frills

First meal out in a weekend full of treating ourselves because we are both a year older within a few days of each other. We were in a proper old school high-ceilinged cervejaria-marisqueira. The decor hasn’t been changed since the 80s. Painted white above shoulder height, below this all high contrast polished granite wall tiles […]

A note about The English

When you live in forrin, i.e. somewhere that is not the British Isles, and somebody inevitably notices that you are British when you open your mouth (and no, Americans, not because of our teeth, that obnoxious trope was already old in the 1970s… find something less vapid to mock us for, please, thanks), they will […]

At the zoo

This is a note about the whole tourism thing.I’m in the middle of a (hopefully huge) set of cartoons (see the post before this one) about tourism (and the new wave of wealthy migrants to Portugal, mostly from the US, UK and France) and I talk a bit about in our radio show (Antídoto, Antena […]