Caricaturas Portuguesas (e outras) nos Anos do Turismo

In the 1970s, cartoonist, illustrator and artist, João Abel Manta, drew a series of cartoons called Caricaturas Portuguesas dos Anos do Salazar (Portuguese Caricatures from the Salazar Years). They were and are visceral, hilarious and scathing, about situations and society from 1926 until 1974, in the very defined style of Manta. I’ve been struggling with […]

where did the bata go?

If, in the very olden days, you ever read my blog, even just once, you’d know I was fixated on the bata, the sleeveless housecoat that is made of the purest polyester and printed with flowery patterns or a tight teal, moss or poopy coloured check. I found it fascinating and weirdly sexy. I own […]

Twitter, twitter, twitter…

Once upon a time, twitter was a teensy widget where bloggers had jolly, silly conversations on the sidebar of our jolly, silly blogs. It was fun.  That was in the first year of twitter. I hadn’t even started this account yet, as I was still an anonymous blogger and used one of my blog aliases. […]

Optimism? Pah!

Moments of optimism in a pessimist’s life are just exceptions for us to prove the rule that pessimism is the only way to live.  When the pandemic began, I, like others, had a momentary optimistic lapse with the hope that this was the moment that the (human) world would take a stern look at itself […]

Cataloguing ugly shoes

About a hundred years ago, I had a blog, which I kept up until the Special Operation on the Blogosphere by the United Federation of Facebook and the Twitter. Some people even remember it. In my blog, I used to catalogue the people and things of Portugal (and take the piss, sorry, I was a […]