In a bottle

ME: “I think I want to make something dark for my next little film.”

HIM: “What do you mean? ALL your recent films are dark… they’ve all been about isolation and confinement.”

ME: “er… oh yeah… maybe… what, even the mice?”

HIM: “kinda”

ME: “OK, so, suggest something that ISN’T dark and about isolation, please.”


in the cat box

Finally, after some (luckily) heavy months of work, work, work, I’ve had a little time to refresh my site — still some things to add to it — and make a few vids. I’m going to TRY to update more (not going to say the word “blog”, my blogging days are over), and make this a more lived-in space, if only for me, while we non-essentials continue to stay indoors for the foreseeable.

There’s a portfolio bit, there’s a posts bit, and that’s that. No bells, no whistles.