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animation & motion graphics

This is a selection of my motion graphics and animation. Everything you see here is drawn and animated by me, some of it for clients, some of it for me. I corporate work (motion graphics and some VFX). Clients include The Wine Show, Hazel May UK, and RTP. here’s a whole page of tiny and […]


I draw stuff. It’s what I’ve done my whole life and I even went to college to study illustration, about 73 years ago… or slightly less…. fewer. It’s probably best if I just put a great big soupy grid of things here, and you can click on it. I *will* “curate” it and *explain* things […]


Although I am an illustrator by training and passion, I write, too. I have written books. Three of them. Eat Portugal, in 2011, which I wrote with my pal, Célia Pedroso… you can read all about that at, now in its 7th edition. O Livro das Receitas Nojentas, which I wrote and illustrated in […]